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Meet The Losers

  An artistic multidisciplinary collective, this award-winning, female & non-binary powerhouse with backgrounds in fashion, large-scale video installation, fine art & photography are utilising their skills to make passionate and unique new works of digital, fine art & photography.

While pushing the boundaries of traditional fine art, photography and digital media, our work aims to comfort the disturbed as well highlight the beautiful absurdity of everyday life.

Eustace is an established fine art portrait artist and photographer.

Enid is a political abstract art painter with a background in audio-video production and documentary films.

  A burgeoning collective, these mid-career artists and deeply motivated by the innovations and possibilities within the metaverse and the NFT community.

 Crying Cadillac is the foundation for a movement that seeks to challenge the notion of invisibility encountered by many mid-career female &non-binary artists. Current collaborations join their fine & pop art together as a culturally relevant, beautiful and irreverent collection.

We aim to push the limits and define new artistic boundaries of the beautiful and the absurd.

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Get in losers, we're going crying...

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